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Burgers and everything about burgers!

This Live Online Workshop happened on Sunday, June 20th, 5pm-8pm (CET Time), and is now available as a recording with the written recipes and additional material.

When we think about junk food, I think burgers are one of the top items on the list! Well how about Junk Food Made Healthy? A double treat, a treat for the taste buds and a treat for the body’s optimum digestion and health.

These recipes are digestion friendly and light on the stomach, respecting the best food combinations and food synergy without compromising taste and satiation. A fine balance between density and lightness so that one feels like they indulged, feels full but not heavy. There are classical, traditional, cultural as well as ethnic fusion recipes. So you can make the recipes eyes closed without worrying whether it will be good or not, which is often the worry when we try new recipes, especially raw vegan recipes.

This workshop is packed with a palette of recipes around burgers to equip you with a variety of choice and easy-to-make meals. Guaranteed crowd pleasers, emotionally comforting and heart-warming.

Treats, special occasion meals, comfort foods, delicious recipes should no longer be synonymous of food bomb and unpleasant side effects.

There is no way you will sustain any diet and inspire others if you do not enjoy what you are eating. And you cannot force yourself to enjoy! It has to be tasty, make you happy, healthy and feel great to your body on all levels! The ultimate enjoyment with no compromise!

Good recipes is one of those things that makes life brighter!


In this online workshop, you will learn:

  • Oriental Tomato Burger
  • Falafel Burger
  • French Fries
  • Wedges
  • Broccoli Cheesy Mash
  • Tahini Mayonnaise

Note: All recipes are low-fat, nut-free and oil-free.

This workshop is designed to make the recipes live with me or later by yourself with the recordings and material.


Online Workshop Breakdown:

This Online workshop happened Live, and is now available as a recording with the recipe videos, written recipes and the additional material. You have missed nothing! Below is the live schedule that was recorded:

  • 5pm – 6pm Introduction, Making of the Oriental Tomato Burger, French Fries and Wedges
  • 6pm – 7pm Making of Falafel Burger and Tahini Mayonnaise
  • 7pm – 8pm Making of Broccoli Mash, Shaping the Burgers, Preservation, Tips and Kitchen Chit-chat


  • 8pm – 8.30pm Bonus 30 minute Q&A Session about the recipes, detox, my story, healing and the raw plant-based journey.


  • Next morning (time will be announced during the workshop, we will agree together) A short live where I will be showing you when I remove the goodies from the dehydrator, show you how to preserve/store them and give you ideas on how to use them. A recording will be available in case you cannot make it at this time.


     9 Bonus Recipes! 

These extra recipes are to make your burger experience rich, whole and complete!

  • Classic Beet Burger
  • Classic Spongy Bread Bun
  • Arabic Style Pita Bread
  • Ketchup
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Peppercorn Gravy
  • White Root Creamy Mash
  • Pumpkin Mash
  • Caramelised Onions

Required equipment:

  • A good blender (powerful or high-speed most preferably)
  • A food processor (if you do not have it, mention it to me during the workshop to explain to you how to make the recipes with the blender as it might be a slightly different process to obtain the same result)
  • A dehydrator

After signing up:

The Live will start on a private Instagram page that will be sent to you via email after signing up. You will have to request to follow and wait for me to accept it as soon as I see the request. Once you are on the page, you will have access to the Shopping List, Preparation Guidance and Bonus Recipes will be posted prior to the workshop. Check stories to keep up to date (all stories will be saved on the Highlights on the page’s profile in case you miss them). Everything about the workshop happens and stays on the page and will be available to you permanently.

Unlike a real workshop, in this online workshop, you will buy ingredients yourself prior to the workshop and make the recipes with me. And, you will get to keep all the yummy food for yourself to enjoy later!

You will probably be in your kitchen where you have access to all your material and ingredients, and you will be able to ask questions throughout the workshop and interact with me.

Note that it happens sometimes that the Live freezes because I don’t have the best internet connection as I live in a village. This lasts no longer than a couple of minutes.

What you get:

  • Detailed Shopping List and Purchasing Tips
  • Preparation Guidance
  • An interactive area to introduce yourself, share your health and/or food journey and interact with one another if you wish
  • Access to me for questions and tips.
  • Video recordings of the Live
  • Photos and videos of how to make recipes
  • Written down recipes with precise measures and method.

If you have any questions before signing up, contact me on


Can’t wait to have fun together! See you on Sunday 🙂


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