Online Workshop

A bit of Chocolate for your heart?

The ancients recognised Cacao, the main ingredient in Chocolate, as the plant medicine of the heart, a great facilitator to go within and unlock our heart space and awaken our senses.

No wonder Chocolate makes us so happy and feels so comforting!

Learn the fine art of Raw Plant-based Chocolate Making using the purest ingredients for your body.

These recipes are a beautiful treat for you and your loved ones! They will make great gifts, great reasons to get together, beautiful recipes to have in your magic kitchen!

In this online workshop, you will learn:

  • Tablette au Chocolat (Chocolate Tablette)
  • Rawtella (Raw version of Nutella)
  • Ferreraw Rawcher (Raw version of Ferrero Rocher)


Online Workshop Breakdown:

This Online workshop happened Live, and is now available as a recording with the recipe videos, written recipes and the additional material. You have missed nothing! Below is the live schedule that was recorded:

  • 5pm – 5.30pm Introduction, Making of Tablette au Chocolat (contains cacao butter and coconut)
  • 5.30pm – 6pm Making of Rawtella (contains hazelnuts)
  • 6pm – 7pm Making of Ferreraw Rawcher (contains hazelnuts, cacao butter and coconut)

Note: For those on a low-fat raw food, fruits detox, check out Bonus Recipes below for fat-free chocolate recipes. 


  • 2 Crepe Recipes to spread your newly made Rawtella! (fat-free)
  • 1  Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe (fat-free)
  • 2 Low-fat and fat-free Chocolate Recipes (low-fat & fat-free)


Equipment needed:

You need:

  • A good blender for this workshop, preferably high-speed (for the making of Rawtella and the bonus Ice Cream),
  • Chocolate moulds are optional if you are not ready to invest in them, I will show how you can make chocolate without,
  • A dehydrator or oven at low temperature to activate your hazelnuts, and for the bonus Crepe recipe.

Do not sign up if you do not have these appliances!


Unlike a real workshop, in this online workshop, you will buy ingredients yourself prior to the workshop and make the recipes with me. And, you will get to keep all the yummy food for yourself to enjoy later!

You will probably be in your kitchen where you have access to all your material and ingredients, and you will be able to ask questions throughout the workshop and interact with me.

Once you sign up, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to access my private Instagram page where you will find: the shopping list, preparation guidance, and bonus content.

The workshop will happen live on the private Instagram page that you will need to request to follow and I will approve. You will have access to the private page immediately after signing up. You can join from your phone, your laptop or tablet.

If you have any questions before booking your spot, contact me on


Can’t wait! See you on Sunday 🙂






Testimonials from the previous Online Workshops:

Carina, Germany

“When I think about our workshop yesterday I have a big smile on my face, the same as the whole time during the workshop. I would have never thought that an online workshop, where you are alone in your kitchen and only connected via phone, is so much fun 😍 the recipes we made are too good to be true, really simple to make but so delicious. And also very easy to digest and not that heavy, because i have a sensitive gut. And last but not least: you can really feel myriams passion and love for teaching and the food she creates. The energy was so nice ❤️ can’t wait for the next workshop, will definitely take part again 🙌”

Emilie, France

“Yesterday, I attended an online workshop with @raw.mama.nature. Everyone in his/her kitchen! We followed her instructions to prepare 3 dips, all raw vegan.
🔹️humus (without chickpeas, easy to digest),
🔹️tomato sauce (very low fat but really tasty and consistent!)
🔹️vegan “goat” cheese (so delicious…)
It was…WONDERFUL! Myriam (@raw.mama.nature) gave us all the advice we needed, some suggestions (how to decline/combine these recipes) and replied to our questions on recipes but also on the raw food diet! Really interesting. I felt like I was close to her and other participants.
Now I am just alone to enjoy these delicious dips… but I took notes to prepare them again 😊
A good thing: we are able to see the workshop again, in replay (private access for participants)
Today at lunch I enjoyed tomato sauce and vegan “goat” cheese on salad… oh my God, it is SO yummy! It tastes like pizza (even better ^^).
My advice: Go follow her!!!
I can’t wait for the next workshop 😊
Thank you @raw.mama.nature!”