French Pâtisserie 

Online Workshop

This workshop was live on May 7th and is now available as replay videos with written recipes. You have missed nothing!

I started this workshop in French language on purpose! I wanted to see first how French people will like their own pastries in a raw vegan version. And, to their surprise, it was divine. I was nervous to be honest, but to my surprise also, they loved it and were impressed with how good it can be in a raw vegan version. I felt like a proud mama seeing all the participants beautiful creations from the workshop! So after such joy and delicious impressions, I am now confidently launching it in English language and I feel so excited for you to taste these precious pastries!

This Online Workshop will happen in 2 days. The first day, on Saturday, we will start by making all the separate elements that will compose the French Pastries: The Pastry Dough, The Coconut Praline, The Chocolate Cream and the hard Chocolate. The second day (next day, Sunday, same time), when the Pastry Dough is ready after dehydration, we will proceed to create these precious jewels!

Good recipes is one of those things that makes life brighter!

Below, you will find more details and how to prepare for the Online Workshop 🙂


In this Online Workshop, you will learn:

  • Paris-Brest
  • Éclair au Chocolat
  • Waffles

Note: All recipes are raw, vegan, gluten-free, low-fat, and nut-free..

Online Workshop Breakdown:

Saturday, May 7th

  • 4pm – 5pm Introduction, Making of the Pastry Dough & The Chocolate
  • 5pm – 6pm Making of the Pastry Creams: Coconut Praline for the ‘Paris-Brest’ & Chocolate Cream for the ‘Eclairs’

Sunday, May 8th

  • 4pm – 5pm The magic moment! Assembling the Pastries: Paris-Brest, Eclair au Chocolat & Waffles + How to preserve
  • 5pm – 6pm Discussion and Q&A session

Bonus Recipes:

  • Chocolate Caramel Tart
  • How to make a Classic Chocolate Tablette
  • Vanilla Custard Cream for Profiteroles (filled mini French Donuts)

Required equipment:

  • A good Blender
  • Dehydrator
  • Slicone Waffle Mould.
  • Some ingredients that might not available everywhere are raw buckwheat and whole psyllium husk, you can get these online!

Workshop Guidelines:

The Live will start on a private Instagram page. The link will be sent to you via email after signing up. Request to follow and wait for me to accept it as soon as I see the request. Once you are on the page, you will have access to the Shopping List and Preparation Guidance.

Everything about the workshop happens and stays on the page and will be available to you permanently. So basically, the page will be your complete permanent resource for this workshop. Everything is in one place.

Unlike a real workshop, in an online workshop, you will buy ingredients yourself prior to the workshop and make the recipes with me. And, you will then enjoy all the yummy pastries we made together!

You will probably be in your kitchen where you have access to all your material and ingredients, and you will be able to ask questions throughout the workshop and interact with me and other participants.

What you get:

  • Detailed Shopping List
  • Preparation Guidance
  • Written Bonus Recipes with photos and videos
  • Video recordings of the Live
  • Written Recipes from the Live (these will be posted after the Live)
  • Access to me for questions and tips.


If you have any questions before or after signing up, contact me on

Can’t wait to have fun together! See you on Sunday 🙂