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What’s included in The Raw Vegan Bread Book:

  • 26 bread recipes including soft breads, flat breads, wraps, tortillas, crackers, crusts, and more!
  • All recipes are raw, plant-based, gluten-free, low fat, nut-free, and oil-free (olive oil is optional in a couple of recipes)
  • Easy and fast to more elaborate recipes (10 minutes to 45 minutes)
  • All recipes require a dehydrator or a low-temperature fan oven
  • Photos for each recipe + tips, inspiration and variation ideas
  • Shopping List + Staple ingredients + Equipment needed
  • 171 pages of content and photography
  • Measurements used are in grams, teaspoons, tablespoons and handfuls
  • Instant Digital Download
  • Read on any smart phone, tablet or computer

These recipes are ideal for daily life as well as celebrations where everybody can indulge guilt-free. A great support for daily meals, dinners, lunches, snacks, breakfasts, treats or any time you wish to have something involving bread, such as sandwiches, toasts, pizzas, wraps, or to accompany dishes like salads, soups, dips, etc… There are recommendations for each recipes.

Most recipes can be prepared in advance and preserve perfectly well for days to weeks outside at room temperature or in the fridge. I tell you how to preserve each recipe in the book.

The recipes in this book are my favourite recipes that I have been making for few years now and that have been tasted and approved by friends, workshop students, family members and Instagram followers, not just approved but loved and adored and I am so happy to share them all in one place now – The Raw Vegan Bread Book! Please have a look at Reviews on my Instagram Profile

I know bread can be a struggle for a lot of people! And that’s not because of bread itself, it is because of the unhealthy low quality ingredients and how it is prepared. Bread prepared in the right way will not give you any unpleasant sensations afterwards but rather make you feel great and happy.

If you have never tried any of my recipes, I invite you to try some of my free bread or crackers recipes on my Instagram page to understand how you will feel afterwards and see how you like the taste before making the choice to purchase this book.

Restore the truth of what food is supposed to do for you – Nurture you and give you joy and life energy. Enjoy with zero guilt, zero unpleasant side effects and 100% feeling amazing! And above all, listen to your body!

Much Love!


What people say about the breads
If you would like to know about what people who have been making my bread recipes for the past few years, you will find their Testimonials in the form of videos, photos and texts on my Highlights on my Instagram Profile here: Breads Testimonials

Check this video to have a glimpse into the eBook: Baguette



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